Biz and I Went Back and Forth During Our ‘The Dozen: Trivia Tournament’ Match, but One of Us Got the Last Laugh

With the play-in match in the rearview mirror, it was time to start the first round of The Dozen: Trivia Tournament presented by High Noon Hard Seltzer. Yesterday's contest featured (8) Spittin' Chiclets vs. (9) Generation XYZ in the Peach Region of the bracket. 

One of the members of Spittin' Chiclets, Paul Bissonnette, and I were just a few weeks removed from calling a thrilling hockey tournament together, and we built up some chemistry in the booth while on the call. But today, we were opponents, and Biz was all business out of the gate. He made a statement by pulling out a last second answer in the Celebrity Mashup category:

I'll give him that, he deserves to celebrate after the correct answer to give Team Chiclets the early 2-1 lead. But the comment of the match came in Round 5, when I nailed our niche category, College Basketball, with ease. Biz was less than thrilled, and even threatened to pull off the moves of a certain someone out of frustration...

Yikes! Luckily for me, Biz was attending this trivia match via Zoom, and had no opportunity to pull a Tom Wilson on me (spoiler: he would have done that with ease). 

But in the end, it was my squad who got the last laugh. Generation XYZ made some history in our opening round match, correctly answering 11 out of our 12 questions (Thanks for nothing, Olympic Logos!). Special shoutout to my friend Craig, who limited the damage on their niche category, hockey:

Up next, we look to make some more history on The Dozen: Trivia Tournament, as we take on the favorites to win this entire thing: (1) Frank & The Frankettes. Do we pull off the upset or is it the end of the road for Large, Vibbs, and I? You'll have to tune in next Tuesday to find out. But before then, we have the remainder of the first round to get through. There are some awesome matches the rest of the way. Enjoy!

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