Saying "The Catcher In The Rye" Is Your Favorite Book And Using It As Any Kind Of Pickup Line Will Never, And Should Never Work On Anyone

Finally, we've arrived at a day where people are making sense on the internet. Catcher in the Rye = universally hated. Right?

It's been so long since I've even thought about this book that I had to read a quick synopsis from Google. For those in the same boat, here you go:

The Catcher in the Rye, novel by J.D. Salinger published in 1951. The novel details two days in the life of 16-year-old Holden Caulfield after he has been expelled from prep school. Confused and disillusioned, Holden searches for truth and rails against the “phoniness” of the adult world. He ends up exhausted and emotionally unstable. The events are related after the fact.

Okay that was actually from, because apparently this book is SoOoOoOo complex, nobody on Google can summarize it in one sentence. From my memory, I can recall rolling my eyes every 3 pages at some bratty, angsty teen who hated the world. Hating the world? Relatable. Being an angsty teen? Also relatable. Being a full grown adult, relating to an angsty teen who hates the world, so much that it becomes your favorite story of all time? Not as relatable. I'm thinking more "childish." So why would anyone say this is their favorite book, especially on a first date? 

People are saying "If you didn't like the book, you DiDnT GeT iT" Oh? I didn't? It's a kid who's mentally ill, and also a dickhead, telling the story of his super mundane life that 100% disappointed him, to a doctor in a psych ward. I get it. Troubled! Sad! Wow! There's more complexity in a Taylor Swift song that this garbage book. Expand your minds. Read something that your 9th grade teacher didn't assign to you.

I have my own Catcher in the Rye story. Back in…2013? 2014? One of my best friends lived in Manayunk, PA, which is basically like Hoboken of Philly. Already disgusting. Nevertheless, we would party there because she was the only one who didn't still live with her parents after college. I met a bartender at Kildaires (his name escapes me for some reason, can't imagine why), I blacked out, then  blacked back in later at his apartment. One of those black-ins where you say out loud, "woah, sorry, I've been blacked out for the past few hours and I have no idea where I am or what we're talking about." Upon this realization, Kildaire's Bartender said to me, "Okay. Well, earlier tonight you asked me what kind of books I read. (even when I'm blacked out, I'm a pretentious asshole, apparently.) "THIS…throws book on to the bed …is what I read." It was Catcher in the Rye. And I did leave. I think we might've had sex? Unclear, it was a long time ago. But I did leave after the book reveal. I shudder at the thought.