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We Need To Stop Sharing This Spaghetti & Meatballs TikTok Trick Right This Second


We need to stop! This is a disgusting, disgusting act & I'm not saying that to sound like some stuck up Italian guy complaining about how I red sauce on a Sunday. I actually don't even love the red sauce on Sundays that much...While I eat it? Of course but I'll eat anything. Do I look forward to it? Absolutely not. So that's not even the reason I'm so angry over this.

I'm just angry over how fucking GROSSSSSS THIS LOOKS! Once again, not to sound like an Italian Grandma that grew up in Bensonhurt & now lives comfortably on Long Island, but it should simply be illegal to even purchase tomato sauce out of a plastic bottle. I mean what the fuck is that? I've heard about stuff like that before and always assumed it's a myth like Bigfoot or not swimming 15 minutes after you eat. I look at that and instantly think of tomato juice...No way my mind could ever process that that's sauce.

I'll give a pass on the meatballs since we don't know how those little devils were created but then we get over to the heaps of parmesan cheese which even a larger specimen of a human like me thinks is a problem. And notice I haven't even mentioned that this is just on her fucking countertop! I will also cut some slack on this solely because one of my favorite chefs, Christian Petroni, used to do this with polenta at his restaurant. Granted though some gorgeous polenta must be a HELL of a lot better than tomato sauce out of a fucking bottle.

Moral of the story is we need to stop sharing this video because that will just result in more clicks which will then result in more travesties like this. We can't have the children of the world seeing things like this.