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It's A Landmark Day In Worcester, Massachusetts As The WooSox Play Their First Home Game In Team History At Polar Park

Telegram and Gazette - Workers were hanging it — the traditional red, white and blue variety — from the bottom of the second level of Polar Park on Monday, and baseball only brings out that kind of bunting for very special events.

Think World Series. Think All-Star Game. In this case, think Opening Day.

The Worcester Red Sox are scheduled to play their first home game ever at 3:05 this afternoon. That is the time for the official first pitch — some ceremonial ones will come a bit before that as part of inaugural ceremonies that start at 2 p.m.

As Polar Park was being tidied up for its first game, WooSox chairman Larry Lucchino looked down at the field from just outside his second-level box, right above the “Window World” sign.

Of course, due to the pandemic, it will be a more limited Opening Day than originally planned.

At some point, assuming society fully reopens, there will be another Opening Day — Opening Day 2.0 — at Polar Park.

Until then, Tuesday’s mandated capacity will be 2,377. The WooSox hope to be able to reach the official capacity of 9,508 before the season is over.

Lucchino estimated the ballpark was about 80 to 85% done. The playing field is 100% ready and a jewel. Virtually all the player-related facilities are finished as well.

Mark up another big win for Worcester. Worcester, aka "Paris of The '80s," has been winning a lot lately believe it or not. 

In 2018, NPR (ever heard of it?) named Worcester "THE #1 hottest city in the country to move to". 

Never mind the fact we've been hearing for 20 years now that Worcester is turning around. First it was the Worcester Common Fashion Outlets. Then it was the revitalization of Water St. 

That was all different. 

Now we've got a world-class state-of-the-art MiLB ballpark in Kelly Square guaranteed to make the area flourish. 

Now you can hop right off the heroin highway 146 and catch 9 innings of quality baseball with the family. 

The ONLY downside to all of this news is that the One Eyed Bandit is the man behind it all. Also that this team was ripped out of Pawtucket. Growing up going to PawSox games with your little league team, drinking out of those cups commemorating the longest game in baseball history, are memories every kid in Central and South-Eastern Mass holds fondly. 

If Luchino wants to endear himself to the locals, he needs to make George's Coney Island the official hot dog vendor. 

(sidebar- Watchusett sour cream & onion chips can go head to head with lays or ruffles any day in my book. God I miss them)

Then, get Regatta Deli their own concession stand setup in there.

And while you're at it, get Vincent's a stand too for their meatball sandwiches. (Best in the game)

Done and done. 

Now, all you need to do is scrap these stupid smiley face logos you're trying to push and just stick with the layup "W" in Bosox font. 

You will sell a zillion of them. Trust me on this.

Good luck to all involved on this. All joking aside it was a huge undertaking turning this into a reality and Worcester really needs it. Go WooSox

p.s. - getting Joe Torre to come to Worcester for this is no small feat. Well done WooSox.

p.p.s. - never realized Polar soda was just an east coast thing until I moved. How are they not a bigger deal? Their orange soda is next level. Blows Fanta out of the water. And if you've had a vodka tonic with Polar Tonic it ruins all others for you.