The 2020 MLB Home Run King is Back And Life Has Meaning Again

Sean M. Haffey. Getty Images.

Let's fucking go baby. MLB's homer run king is back and I feel alive. Holy shit did it suck watching the Yankees without Luke Voit. The true heart and soul of this team had been missed so badly in the heart of the order. Honestly if you're just a fan of baseball you want Luke Voit out there mashing homers. The man is just so much fun to watch play this sport. 

The Yankees have had zero production from first base this year and it's hurt this team immensely. Whoever has played first this year whether it be Jay Bruce, Mike Ford, DJ, or Andujar have done next to nothing at the plate. Dead last in batting average, OPS, and hits from the position compared to the rest of the league. Actually bad!

Luke has done nothing but mash in AAA as he's rehabbed his surgically repaired knee this past week. Obviously these are minor leaguers but it's been hilarious to watch him just bully these pitchers. 

Well enough dicking around, it's time get him back in the lineup. No better series to get him back than a three game set at the Trop. I cannot wait to see 59 back out there. Season starts today.


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