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Matt Nagy Is Already Changing His Tune About Andy Dalton Being QB1

When Andy Dalton isn't locked in at QB1

I don't know if people have realized this, but Matt Nagy has been going on a PR tour across the entire NFL landscape. Do you have an NFL podcast? Matt Nagy wants to be a guest. There have been lots of sound bytes about last year and looking forward to next year. A couple of not-so-cryptic shots at Mitch and Foles. It feels like Nagy finally feels like he has his guy. Nagy has historically been friendlier with the media when things are going well and it seems like with Fields in the mix he is getting cocky again and I love it. The "I am ACTUALLY not an idiot" tour is underway and I am here for it. The staff clearly feels like Fields is good enough reason for them to gas up the organization. 

The Bears were adamant that Andy Dalton was a QB good enough to win 10 games with. So what is Fields? Good enough to win 12 as a rookie? I don't know. I don't care. I just want to believe. I am not drinking the Kool-Aid...I am drowning in it. Give me Fields, get Eddie Goldman back in the mix, Cohen back in the mix, James Daniels plugging in somewhere, a bad boy at LT, and a fuck you attitude that comes from a running game and a QB1 dripping in drip. I am in. Just get me to football season. I am starting to buy in big time. 

Here is the hype videos for the bad boy mentioned above