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A Former Assistant to Fauci is Now Serving Humanity on OnlyFans and With Her 'Orgasm Art'

Source -  While some might reach for a cigarette in the moments after climaxing, Hannah Sanford prefers a paintbrush.

The former scientist has made a lucrative career out of painting abstract visualizations of her own orgasms — often in the nude or in sexy lingerie. ...

Sanford – who was formerly employed under the leadership of Dr. Anthony Fauci at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases — now sells her so-called “orgasm art” for $500 a pop. The work is mostly peddled on Sanford’s OnlyFans platform, where subscribers watch Sanford perform sex acts either solo or in tandem with her partner, Jay Lucas. ...

Such is her devotion to her craft, Sanford quit her $80K-a-year position at a pharmaceutical firm developing anthrax vaccines. Before that, she was a research assistant at Harvard Medical School studying formulas to fight HIV/AIDS. The stint was followed by a tenure at NIAID, where she focused on deadly viruses, such as Ebola.

The Vermont native – raised Catholic in a family where “sexuality was downplayed and not encouraged” — found her mojo when she left her science job in 2012. She began creating murals for commercial clients, before developing her orgasm art as a side hustle in late 2019. The combined ventures net her an annual income of more than $100,000.

“It’s hilarious to me that, now the pandemic is actually happening, I’m an artist rather than a scientist,” she said.

Far be it for me, who barely squeaked by in the easiest science courses my public school system had to offer, to disagree with a Harvard-educated microbiologist. But I don't find it "hilarious" that a brilliant scientist specially trained in the prevention of infectious diseases and experience fighting anthrax, HIV/AIDS and Ebola would be selling homemade porn at a time like this. Quite the contrary. I have  much different words to describe what Hannah Sanford is doing. 

Noble. Selfless. Dare I say, downright heroic. 

Yes we need doctors, scientists and researchers to pool their resources and give their best efforts to treat our bodies. But we still need sexy, MILFish, 40-something minxes like Hannah to help heal our souls. When she made the decision to slip off that hazmat suit and slip on lingerie, when she put down the microscope and picked up the artist's brush, she dedicated herself to a different kind of service. But one no less necessary. For what purpose does it serve if we all get to live, but only a life devoid of beauty, art, orgasms, and orgasm art? 

Others may judge her negatively, but they're just the sort of people who want to live forever, without actually living. Small-minded, petty people with no appreciation for the finer things in life. Like me, Ms. Sanford's followers on OnlyFans and the patrons of her orgasm paintings respect that good physical health is important. But that ultimately our bodies are mere vessels for something much more important: Our inner beings. Call it a soul or a consciousness or an energy, but it is no less important. And this very intelligent woman is putting her talents to work treating our insides. And if I may speak for all of humanity, I say we'll take all the educated, attractive, uninhibited infectious disease experts on the internet we can possibly get right now. 

Thank you for your service, Hannah Sanford.