Vanessa Hudgens Got With Cole Tucker Because Of A Group Chat After A Zoom Meditation Group, Soooo Time To Get Into Meditation

Now wait a damn minute here. You're telling me in order to land someone like Vanessa Hudgens you just need to be into meditation ... and be an attractive pro athlete? Well, I'm 0-for-2, but I have Zoom. I can get into meditation, maybe. I'm awful at being quiet and doing nothing, but if that's something that can land you Vanessa Hudgens you have my attention. I mean, I do have one thing in common with Cole Tucker. We both know Jared Carrabis aka The Rocket: 

Maybe Vanessa is a big Starting 9 fan. Gets her baseball news via Morning Wood: 

I've always wondered what a famous person's DM's look like too. Gotta be so different than mine. I assume they don't get people DM'ing you about Kentucky basketball or asking to get a job at Barstool. Although who knows, I wouldn't put it past people DM'ing Cole Tucker asking to be a starting pitcher for the Pirates. It might work, the Pirates suck. But I assume someone like Cole or any famous person has attractive people in their DM's. Can't say I can relate to that one bit and Vanessa Hudgens is very attractive. 

Time to become a pro athlete, learn to meditate, then you get the khakis, then you get the girls.