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NBC Straight Up CANCELLED The Golden Globes For 2022

I'll say it: the Golden Globe Awards fucking stink.

This isn't a hot take or a new take by any means, but when it comes to awards shows, the Golden Globes is one of the worst. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the group that puts on the show, is a complete joke. They give out awards to the celebrities they most want to meet in Hollywood, and always manage to do things "just different" enough to stand out for five minutes every January.

NBC will not air the Golden Globes in 2022, the network said in a statement on Monday morning. This means the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will now have to decide how or if it will move forward next year without its broadcast partner, or more swiftly enact changes demanded by industry leaders regarding the org’s membership and processes.

The HFPA, which hands out the Golden Globe Awards, has been under fire for months, following an initial exposé by the Los Angeles Times about both the small, insular organization’s questionable financial practices, as well as paltry record of diversity and representation (including an entire lack of Black members). Last week, the group released a framework for reform that includes measures to increase the number of people of color in its ranks. The plan, which was approved on Thursday, also includes new restrictions on gifts that the members could receive and payments for work on their committees. (via Vartiety)

Will the award show still happen? Who knows, but it won't be happening on NBC, at least in 2022. If the HFPA changes things by 2023, NBC will take them back, but as of right now the Golden Globes is donezo on American television.

It's the Dollar Store Oscars.

The only thing the Golden Globes had going for it was the monologues if anyone of note, more often than not Ricky Gervais, hosted the show.

Normally I'd say "get your shit together," since I love award shows, but… the Golden Globe Awards suck.

The HFPA needs a good house cleaning. A random group of eighty people picking a "prestigious" award is as dumb as it gets.