Drake Is Producing A Movie Starring Selena Gomez About A Girl Who Is Addicted To Social Media

According to Deadline, Gomez’s character’s “addiction to social media is causing her body to literally fall apart.” Woah, sounds intense! And wait until you find out who is producing the flick. Drum roll please… It’s the one and only Drake! Plus, Petra Collins — who previously worked with Gomez on her “Fetish” music video — is set to direct it. Future the Prince (who was also behind Euphoria with Drake), Matthew Budman and Sumaiya Kaveh will also serve as executive producers. As for the script, that was created by Collins and Melissa Broder (who is an acclaimed author, essayist and poet). It’s still unclear who else is going to star in the movie, but with a team like that we know it is going to be epic.

Sounds like it could be good? I feel like Drake is a decent producer. He's always doing cool shit outside of music. And these other names, Petra Collins and Future the Prince are all names I recognize as "cool people," too. First comments are all "OSCAR BUZZ!" which is 100% premature and likely incorrect, but still, cool.

You know what the massive problem there is with this? The movie already exists. It's called Ingrid Goes West, and it stars Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen. 

2017. Aubrey Plaza is a crazy stalker, becomes obsessive with friends and has a mental breakdown. Starts stalking a social media influencer out in California, changes her whole life and goes to become friends with her, to become a super famous influencer herself. It's a WILD story. She does a bunch of crazy shit, steals her dog, goes to the same shops and restaurants and Elizabeth Olsen, carefully inserts herself into her life. It's fascinating, honestly.

It ends up badly for our girl Ingrid. Just like it sounds like it's gonna go back for Selena, too. I can't personally imagine this new shit with Selena being a better movie than Ingrid Goes West, but she and Drake can try.