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Olivia Culpo Celebrated Her Birthday By Hopping On A Stripper Pole And Putting On A Show For Christian McCaffrey

Olivia Culpo turned 29 over the weekend. Big time miss for all of us to forget her birthday. That's on us as she's a longtime fan favorite of Stoolies everywhere. But I gotta admit, maybe it's me a few years older or what, we celebrate birthdays way differently. If I see a stripper pole I'm wondering how it got there, especially if it's a room like this. I'm not one to put a show on a stripper pole, although it would be a goddamn show if I hopped on. Really this feels like Christian McCaffrey's birthday. I'm starting to think he's going to bounce back big time from an injury-plagued year after seeing this. 

Let's go to the tape though. She recovers nicely from the misstep on the pole. It's not an easy task - from what I've been told - but Olivia plays it off perfectly. Doesn't even look like a misstep, she just recovers. Not surprising, Olivia Culpo knows how to rebound. 

Luckily, Olivia reminded all of us on Instagram today that it was her birthday and she had a damn good time: 

I know it's tough, but Olivia couldn't hold onto 28 more than a day longer. Gotta be honest, 29 might look better on her though. 

It also makes way more sense why Nick Jonas wrote 'Jealous' for/about her (h/t our own Dante for this fact)

Anyways, everyone knows that the most important birthday wish is via a blog. So happy birthday to Olivia.