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Let The Tournament Begin! (The Dozen: Trivia Tournament pres. by High Noon Play-In-Game Preview)

The Tournament is finally here folks.

Tonight, at 7|6c on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and, The Dozen: Trivia Tournament presented by High Noon finally begins. You can watch on all of those platforms, and if you're watching on YouTube, set a reminder below:

Everyone knows the drama behind this matchup, Rico Bosco abandoned Eddie & Clem and Team Ziti a few weeks ago, and Dave stepped up to the plate for them. After a few weeks of internal debate, they finally offered Dave the full-time spot and he stepped in. These two teams have faced off before, but never with these two lineups.

It took a miracle for 12-Ziti to sneak into the Tournament, but once you're in, it is anyone's game.

How does the road to the Championship look for these two teams?

It's a tough one, no doubt, as the winners have to take on the best team without a bye, and the flagship members: 5-The Experts.

Despite what the numbers say, these are fairly even teams. There's no question that 12-Ziti is stronger with Dave, and 12-Uptown Balls can be an absolute fucking chaotic mess. This one tonight should be viewed as a complete toss-up.

Here is the schedule for the whole Tournament:

…and make sure to get your merchandise for both teams:

See everyone tonight at 7|6c!

Also, fill out a bracket below!