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I Squaded Up With Max Holloway and Megan Anderson To Form The Deadliest Squad Verdansk Has Ever Seen

Max and Megan not only have the fighting hands, but they also bring the heat in Warzone. The squad was myself, Max Holloway, Megan Anderson and Honokai. We were running through lobbies and the vibes couldn't have been higher.

It also helps when I'm hitting shots like these - 

All together, we played for about 3 hours, got 2 Wins and a ton of highlights/funny moments.

Throughout the stream, I was switching back and forth between the Amax and Kar98k for primary and testing the XM4 out as a secondary (it was insane). I am not sure how these guns feel after the nerfs on Friday, but they all still appear very viable.

If you want to see the full gameplay of this squad, watch below and follow the stream if you want to see future live gameplay! We are in the process of getting a Gaming PC in HQ and once we do, we'll be live a lot more.