Chris Paul Waiting Years To Get Revenge On JJ Redick After JJ Pushed Him In College Is Why He's An All-Time Player And Asshole

I've said it before but I love Chris Paul, one of my all-time favorite players. Just a true point guard and all-time asshole. They go hand in hand and it helps that he fucking hate(d) JJ Redick. Waited years to talk shit to him all because he got under his skin. That sort of crazy is what you need to be one of the greatest point guards to ever play the game of basketball. It also just makes me miss Wake Forest being good. My old man went to Wake. It was always on TV growing up and the only rule I really had was no matter what I was not to go to college at NC State, UNC or Duke. Anywhere else in the country was fine. 

This play also happened when I was 16/17 years old. There was no one I hated more in the world than JJ Redick. He was the perfect villain in college basketball. Looked like a Duke guy, wore that stupid ass mid-2000s cutoff tank top and the worst part was he was good. Also didn't help my high school girlfriend thought he was hot and I never dumped someone faster after that. Regardless, fuck Duke version of JJ Redick. It's why it's a miracle he's actually enjoyable now. No one in the world has ever changed how people view them more than JJ. Seriously, look at this jackass in college: 

Also laugh out loud funny that Chris Paul thinks he used to run hot on the court. USED to run hot? I wonder what makes him think that. 

Oh and don't think I wouldn't mention the dickhead move by Coach K. Starting a walk-on just to foul and act like a goon? Hmm, not very high integrity of a guy who claims he would never do this. Not high integrity of a guy who lectures other teams about sportsmanship. But that's not the purpose of this blog. The purpose is to talk about how damn good Chris Paul is. The fact he waited until the league and saw JJ sitting there in a suit while he's winning Rookie of the Year and all these other awards to talk shit is perfect. You gotta be a little crazy to be this good as a pro athlete.