MAGNETIC BULLETS - If This Is Real, Then This Might Actually Be The End Of Warzone

I assumed that we truly saw it all with feels like we've encountered every hacker and possible hack in the game time and time again. But now this!?!? I mean what even is this? I feel speechless when I first saw this Tiktok clip above and this Twitter clip below.

Now this clip could be a case of "desync" which means both players are experiencing lag (or delay) in their kill cams. However, I have seen many clips just like this which makes me feel like Warzone hackers are evolving to a point where they are becoming unstoppable. This is next level cheats.

For those that do not know, Warzone and Call of Duty have no "anti-cheat" - meaning there is no security system checking to see if anyone is hacking. Please see the gif below:

Giphy Images.

I mean this is a PERFECT representation of Warzone's anti-cheat. 

In gaming, there are a ton of cowards looking to get advantages in any way possible. Most games have some sort of anti-cheat to protect players from these rats. Warzone (one of the biggest revenue generating games today. In 2020, Call of Duty generated almost $2B of revenue), has ZERO anti-cheat. None. It drives gamers insane. 

This is my best way to compare these hackers to traditional sports - imagine Tiger Woods in his prime going up against a golfer whose ball automatically found the fairway and green, no matter where the player hit it. It doesn't matter if it was a slice or a shank, the ball always ended up in a good place due to some chip technology in the ball. Meanwhile this was happening, the PGA just turned a blind eye. Tiger is playing the game the right way, while the opponent is clearly cheating the system. I know it's not perfect, but use that as a reference.

These type of hacks have been going on in Warzone for over the past year with no repercussions to the cheaters. 

Not to get too nerdy, but you can see why gamers are very frustrated. These rats don't even have to be looking or aiming at us to kill us!!! This is next level. If I die to this soon, you won't hear the end of it.