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Jose Rojas Tagged Mookie Betts Right In The Dick Last Night And Dropped Him Like A Sack Of Potatoes

Rough one here for Mookie, eh? Max Muncy checks his swing and sends one down the third baseline. Jose Rojas fields it and tries to put a tag on Mookie just because it was a close play. Rojas reaches up and gets Mookie right in the dick with the glove. I mean right in the dick. Betts went down like he got hit by a sniper and rightfully so. A nice cup check from Rojas and Mookie failed the test. You know the pain he was feeling too. He just needed to lay down for a little, hope that feeling in the pit of your stomach goes away. The worst part about it all (Besides for Mookie getting hit in the dick and balls) was the ball was foul! All that for nothing! It doesn't even count! The slow mo replays make it much worse too, you can see Betts with his natural reaction, just falling to the ground in the most pain he's ever been in. It was a total accident by Rojas, and Betts knew it, but that doesn't make it feel any better. Rough night for Mookie and his boys.