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Nothing Is More American Than Going To A Baseball Game, Sitting In The Stands And Absolutely Housing A Huge Jar Of Mayonnaise

Weirdos in the stands and Minor League Baseball go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other. This is the stuff I missed last year when the Minors were cancelled, the local weird promo nights. Last night during the Memphis Redbirds' game we had Mayo Mania, what's not to love? Baseball? Mayo? Give it to me baby. The camera was scanning the crowd and it stopped on this guy casually going to town on a jar of Kraft Mayo. I mean going to town, spoon and all, he was treating it like it was a bowl of cereal. Digging right in, chatting it up with his neighbors and everything. If you get a ticket to a game and you plop down in your seat and the guy sitting next to you is draining a jar of mayo into his body what is your first move? You have to at least confront him right? At least with Covid seating this guy has a seat all to himself and doesn't have to worry about any nosy neighbors judging him for his ballpark diet.

And it's not like it was chips and dip, he wasn't eating anything else with it, just a man and his mayo. You gotta respect it. I'm sure it's a bit heavy on the stomach, but mayo is delish so I don't really have a problem with this. It goes great on sandwiches, even better on a toasted sub where it warms the mayo up just a bit. It's fantastic mixed with ketchup on certain chicken sandwiches, this guy just cut out the middle man. No bread, no lunch meats, no chicken, just mayo. I'm just happy to see this guy being able to enjoy a nice meal of mayo and MILB all in one place. 

PS. I know this is fake, I know it's not actually mayonnaise in the jar and I know they do it every year and someone always eats the "mayo". Just pretend it's real.