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The Cardinals Announcers Were Arguing Over Who Was Going To Call Paul Goldschmidt's Home Run One Pitch Before He Actually Hit It

What do the Cardinals announcers know that we don't? It was very reminiscent of when the announcers called Matt Tuiasosopo's homer, but this wasn't necessarily about the home run itself, it was more about the announcers arguing over who is going to call it. Not a serious argument, some nice playful banter between the play-by-play guy and some guy who used to play for the Cardinals named Jim Edmonds. Edmonds goes out and says he'd like to see a bomb by Goldy and the play-by-play guy basically says put your money where your mouth is and call it. Like not just say it, but give the play by play of the at-bat. 

Goldy fouled off what Edmonds thought was the pitch to do it on, and they probably thought he wouldn't get anything else to hit. Very next pitch....BOOM. Goldy hits a bomb and the booth goes crazy. Edmonds felt it coming and put his money where his mouth was and called the homer. He willed that baby into existence, and it was gone off the bat. Great home run call too. Edmonds just yelling "BOOOOOOM" while the ball sails through the air. Next round of brews have to be on Jim just for calling it, doesn't get much better than that. Is Jim Edmonds better in the box than he was in the field? Hard to say.