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This Completely Preposterous Answer From A Jeopardy Contestant Is The Perfect Way To Finish Up The Week

I mean that is just a LOL funny answer. I know we all have our fun pointing and laughing at the supernerds that can pass the Jeopardy online test, get onto the show, and even win an episode if they miss a layup sports question. I am even throwing stones from a glass house by writing this blog considering I am on a team with like a 2-1000000000 record that barely made the play-in game on The Dozen tournament (#NoSpoilers). 

But my guy Steve picking Hot Stuff for 1000 cocky as fuck, jumping out of his skin to buzz in and then kicking his podium when he found out the inside of a calzone wasn't 800 degrees is outrageous. Hot Pockets, maybe. But Mr. Borelli and every Italian restaurant that sold calzones would need a license because they are cooking up lethal weapons every time out. Wouldn't that be crazy, Steve?