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An Alabama High School Softball Team Scored 45 Runs in a Playoff Game and Lost in the Greatest Box Score You Will Ever See

In your run-of-the-mill Alabama high school softball playoff game, Park Crossing defeated Lanier by the score of 46-45 in a game which featured just 20 hits, 14 errors and a seemingly impossible total of 65 walks.

There are so many things about this game I want to mention. Everything about it is beautiful. In order to truly appreciate how unreal this softball game was, you have to take a look at the full box score.

Just really take a minute and examine that page. Each stat is more unbelievable than the one before it. Some of my personal favorite notes:

- Lanier's lone pitcher threw a 245-pitch complete game, in which she allowed 46 runs (34 earned) while walking 23 and hitting 16 batters

- Park Crossing's pitching staff allowed 45 runs on just five hits, thanks to 55 walks and hit by pitches

- There was not a single home run hit in the game

- 16 players in the game had at least as many runs as at-bats, with one Park Crossing player notching seven runs without an official AB

In one of the greatest travesties of 2021, I can't find any video of this game. But I would give anything to be able to watch all five hours of this beautiful train wreck. I would especially love some crowd shots of the parents who were subjected to this.

The biggest shoutout of the day goes to Jonathan Whitfield, the official scorer. He definitely earned his money.