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Girlfriend of the Year Raced Her SUV Around Over Graves and Headstones During Her Ex's Burial

Source - A Barnesville, Minn., woman is accused of disrupting the graveside funeral services of her ex-boyfriend and recklessly driving an SUV through a Fargo cemetery. 

Blair R. Whitten, who according to court records is either 28 or 29, faces one count of misdemeanor reckless endangerment stemming from an incident on Saturday at Riverside Cemetery.

According to court documents, several members of the public flagged down officers and said that a vehicle had been driving over gravesites and “trying to run people over.” An officer detained a female driver on the north side of the cemetery. She identified herself as Whitten.

Whitten told police she had shown up for her ex-boyfriend’s funeral and was sitting in her car at the cemetery when people approached her vehicle. She told police she thought the people would hurt her, so she drove off, being careful not to hit anything. ...

[A] witness told police he was approaching Whitten’s parked vehicle after the burial to ask her to leave when Whitten accelerated toward him, causing him to jump out of the way.

The witness said Whitten was not welcome at the funeral because she had made harassing posts on social media about her ex-boyfriend’s death.

Say what you will about Blair R. Whitten. You may look down at her as an unstable, low rent, no account, podunk, Midwest white trash crackpot. From her vacant, meth head-like eyes to her hillbilly tear drop tats to that diamond on her neck that screams, "You do NOT want to give me this job." That is your right. But before you sit in judgment, at least concede me this.

Blair R. Whitten loved her man. 

You know what they say, that the opposite of love is not hate; it's indifference. They also say that true love will transcend anything, even death. And here goes your proof. You don't show up at a cemetery, trying to run people over, doing donuts over the graves and wrecking the front end of your 2003 Dodge Durango, during the burial of someone you stopped caring about. Yes, it's psychotic. Yes, it's deranged. But it is passion. Completely misplaced passion that should land her in jail and forced to pay for all the graves she tore up. But passion nevertheless. 

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I like to believe that somewhere, her dearly departed ex saw what she did and he is smiling. At the love they once enjoyed. But also at the sweet release of knowing that in death, he at least doesn't have to put up with her again. And if this doesn't end up as a subplot on "Fargo" next season, what is the point of even setting a show in North Dakota?