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While You Were Busy With A SOFT 8 Person NHL Fight, The Real Fight Was In The NBA

The real fight last night was on the hardwood in Indianapolis. Down TWENTY-ONE to a sub .500 Sacramento Kings, the Pacers' cleared their own bench so assistant coach Greg Foster could fight his own third-string center, Goga Bitazde. Everything is fine. The Pacers are usually steady competition in the east, but since an 0-4 exit from the playoff bubble the Pacers began to crumble. Indiana fired Nate McMillan (who is doing well in Atlanta), Victor Oladipo left, and now the entire team and coaching staff is ready to square up to sort out who controls the locker room. (full video of the exchange below by Tony East)

After the game, head coach Nate Bjorkgren addressed the fight by basically saying "that's just dudes being competitive " which I would normally give the benefit of the doubt if rumors hadn't been swirling all week that Nate Bjorkgren has lost the locker room and needs to repair his relationships with the players. 

But the fractures in the relationships seem to have started before Nate Bjorkgren even got into the building …

or did they ??? …. 

While the Pacers haven't reached Malace in the Palace levels of rock bottom, it seems like dark days are ahead in Indiana.