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When Ball Is Quite Literally Life - Andrew Wiggins Had His Girlfriend Delay Labor Just So He Could Play Against The Wizards

[Post] - “I am so tired of hearing from Warriors fans and other people out there that [Wiggins] doesn’t care, that he’s apathetic, that he’s lazy,” Connor Letourneau, Warriors reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, said on his “Warriors Off Court” podcast.

“This is a guy who, a couple weeks ago, his girlfriend was going into labor. He had her delay inducing labor so that he can play a regular-season NBA game for the Warriors. Immediately after the game was over, he was like, ‘Yep, time to induce labor. I’ll be there.”

Listen, Andrew, I love the dedication here but this is an insane move. I say this as a father and as someone who worked in the delivery room. Labor was going on for far too long and we had some Kentucky stuff going on. What else was I going to do? I was useless besides saying things like 'hey can I get you anything while you get ready to deliver a fucking human being?' My point of all this is you need to do whatever your significant other, the mother of the child, wants. I get Andrew Wiggins is a pro athlete and that's just slightly different lifestyle than blogger, but you still need to make sure she wants to delay labor. Granted, she might because labor just appears to be the worst. Again, I was just a witness. Not for me. Doesn't look enjoyable in the slightest. 

I'll tell you who really looks good during this story though? The Wizards. Everyone loves to laugh at the Wizards and talk about how they stink and all that other stuff. Well guess what? Andrew Wiggins felt like he just HAD to play against them to make sure they got a win. He didn't want to leave the Warriors empty handed. Maybe if they were playing the Cavs, but the Wizards? Watch out. They command respect, so much so that you just tell your girlfriend to hold up giving birth. 

Best part of it all? The Warriors lost the game: 

Yeah, that'll cost you some time in the doghouse.