Neal McDonough Has Been The Same Age For 38 Years

This man is incredible. Yes, his acting career speaks for itself and then some. Over 130 credits on IMDB including roles in Minority Report, Band of Brothers, Flags of Our Fathers, you get it. But that's not what I mean by describing him as "incredible". 

He's incredible because the man absolutely refuses to age beyond looking like a 52-year-old silver fox. 

Look up just about any other actor and the google images will be sprawled with photos of different times and looks throughout their life. 

Matt Damon: 

How about his buddy Ben Affleck: 

Got a little bit of greying, aging, sophisticated Damon rocking the glasses, dad bod Damon, Good Will Hunting baby face Damon. Same goes for Damon. 

A wide variety for the legend Leo DiCaprio:

Even Denzel Washington (who is somehow 66 years old):

Goatee Denzel, Training Day Denzel, Oscars Denzel, now aging Denzel. 

But Neal McDonough? Been the same seemingly since his career began. 

For better context, here's Neal McDonough now: 

Jesse Grant. Getty Images.


Here's Neal McDonough in Band of Brothers (20 years ago):

Getty Images. Getty Images.

That's the same guy. 

Even in the family classic Angels In The Outfield, where McDonough plays pitcher Whitt Bass, he looks exactly the same - they just decided not many professional athletes have white hair - even old ass relievers coming outta the bullpen. 

It's fascinating, really. McDonough seems to be someone who was literally made in a factory and spewed out literally to play those older, kind of villainous, roles similarly to how Addison Rae seems to be a literal product of TikTok. 

Either way, props to him for maintaining his silver fox status while also continuing to gain over 130 credits on IMDB. What a career. What a life. Even though he might be a robot.