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MLB The Show Has Rewarded Anthony Rizzo With A Reliever Card After He Struck Out Freddie Freeman Last Week

This is why MLB The Show is the best sports franchise out there. Every week they update the game with Moments for you to play to accumulate XP, you beat these moments and you're also rewarded with special cards from said moments. Obviously one of the better and funnier moments last week was Anthony Rizzo and the Cubs being down 10 and Rizzo on the mound. He struck out Freddie Freeman in one of the more comical moments of the season. Everyone was laughing, Freeman was cracking up, Rizzo was loving it even down 10. 

So naturally The Show gave us a moment of this at-bat. Your only objective was to K Freeman, pretty damn easy. Took me 4 pitches (not a big deal) and for some reason they gave Rizzo a Screwball. Does he throw a screwball? His fastball reaches a whopping 80 MPH, and he can also drop a 68 MPH curve right in there. The card itself isn't too good, a 75 overall. Rizzo's stamina is terrible obviously, his H/9 is sky high, but so is his K/9, shoutout to Freeman for that. His BB/9 isn't very good, and same with his HR/9. The control isn't good either and the velocity literally can't go lower. It's pretty funny that they put this card in the game for you to actually use, I'm curious to see if I stumble upon anyone with Rizzo in their bullpen while playing Dimaond Dynasty. Won't matter because they'd still probably strike me out. Just cool to see them give the people what they want, an Anthony Rizzo pitching card. Do we have to consider him a 2 way player now?