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An Ode To Birria Tacos. Hope You Weren't Already Hungry

C3PICS. Getty Images.

So I'm not sure if you checked your calendar or not today but it's Cinco de Mayo. And because of that, my Instagram timeline has been flooded with photos of taos all day. Makes it damn near impossible to get anything done when I'm just scrolling through pages and pages of deliciously cheesy tortillas stuffed with some insanely tender (mostly pork or beef even though goat is the traditional meat of choice), all served with a bowl of consomé on the side which has been used to braise the meat and slathered over the tortilla. I mean how in the heck am I supposed to get anything done when I've got this keeping my glued to the ol' Instagram app all day. 

Fortunately for everybody, birria tacos have gone on quite a hot streak lately. It's a dish that most of us gringos probably never even heard of before until this year. But for some magical reason, it started to get super popular on the internet this year and now I'm sure you can find somewhere within 10 miles of you that has them on special today. 

So if you and your friends or family are planning on having a taco night tonight, do yourself a favor and skip the boring ass ground beef taco with some boring ass seasoning all piled into a boring ass hard shell taco. Go out and either get your hands on some birria, or make them yourself. Here's a decently simple enough recipe to follow.