Jim Graziano Proved To Everyone That He's The World's Foremost Expert On Sandwiches

Unreal time this week on the snake draft with Jim Graziano as he makes just the 2nd guest appearance OUTSIDE Barstool. The first was Big John the mailman and naturally he set the bar very high. So heading in to Sandwiches we knew there would be a lot of pressure under the bright lights. I'll leave it up to you to decide just how well Jim performs. 

Personally, I think the sandwich conversation really needs to focus on a couple big items. First, off hamburger really a sandwich? Answer: yes. But getting cute in the first round doesn't help you in the long-run and that's coming from the guy who took COVID in the March Madness draft. Nice pick, but a little cheeky. Keep it simple and you'll be rewarded by the masses. 

Another thing that I can't get over is the disrespect to White Sox Dave week after week. I love talking shit to him as much as anyone on this planet I CAN PROMISE YOU and even so we need to be fair. Brisket is better than pulled pork. Reuben is a 2nd round sandwich. Pork roll or whatever gets all the Jersey guys rock hard. I was really surprised to see you guys trash him off the graphic again. Give the guy a fighting chance for fucksake. 

Finally, sue me for not being balls deep on Chicken Parm sammmies. It was explicitly noted on the show that Chicago doesn't do this sandwich very well or really even that much. It's not a treasured delicacy. I've never confronted it in real-time. This is the truth from my mouth and I don't mind if you guys want to judge me negatively for it. Quite frankly I don't have time to let you guys rattle me on this one. I'll be in NYC all next week and I expect to have a well rounded opinion by then. I would hope you guys can understand. 

Finally x 2: huge announcement from Jim. We smashed the Italian Beef Kits. I've never been more proud to be apart of Barstool Chicago. We're really building a community and we can't thank this guy enough for everything. 

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