The Astros Got A Warm, Bronx Welcome In Their First Game Back At Yankee Stadium

The cheating scumbag Astros are back in the Bronx tonight for the first time since it was revealed that they stole a World Series in 2017. This has been marked on Yankee fan calendars for a long time, and even at 20% capacity, the crowd in the pregame and first inning has not disappointed 

Heavy boo birds as the Astros lineup gets announced

"Fuck Altuve" chants during batting practice

Louder "Fuck Altuve" chants when he gets up in the first

Apparently Alex Bregman hit a home run in his first at bat or something? I don't know, I can't find any video of it. 

But then Giancarlo did answer right back with this

Fairly eventful first inning, I'd say. Could've gone without the Clint double play and Aaron Hicks being pathetic, but still something we'll see on the World Series DVD. (Do they still make those? I assume no given that DVDs have been phased out of modern multimedia). Anyway, have to imagine benches clear by like the fourth inning at this point.