NYC Public Schools Prove They Hate Children And Have Cancelled Snow Days For The Rest Of Time

Goran Jakus. Shutterstock Images.

Disgusting. That's the only word I have for this news. Never have I been more appreciative to have lived a proper childhood than I am right now. There was no better feeling than waking up as a kid, running to your window, and seeing that mother nature dumped all of God's cocaine onto the streets. The drama and anticipation the night before when the weatherman told us snow was near was possible. Just be right with your job one time, asshole. The nerves that ran through my body as I read the bottom ticker I cannot replicate with any sporting event these days. 

Anytime it only snowed an inch or two and they didn't even go 90 minute delay I demanded my mom get on the phone and call someone as if she was challenging a call on the field. We weren't starting that car unless we had exhausted all options. Nothing was better than getting some extra sleep in the dog days of school. Breakfast in bed. Price is Right. Snow football. All of that made us who we are today and if you dispute that you're a liar. 

Now NYC public school kids will never know this feeling. If a parent truly cared about their child's mental growth they would move them out to another area. Maybe it's time for private school? Only requirement is "do you believe in snow days?" I don't even know how remote learning works these days. What if your parent lets you take off of remote learning? Can you just not log on out of protest? My mom would occasionally let me have the day off if I was good enough around the house. Simple barter system works like a charm to get what you want. 

God help us all if this trickles down to the suburbs. We cannot let that happen. I wouldn't care if they raised the drinking or driving age, but if they take away snow days from every kid in America we have no hope for the future.