We've Done It, We've Found By Far The Worst Gender Reveal Attempt Ever

I'm convinced this is fake, it can't be real. It's just not possible that someone can miss this many soft toss attempts in row, unless it's Chris Davis. I haven't seen a hitting performance this pitiful in a while. But seriously, what a bad attempt at a gender reveal. The idea is fine, I would prefer to just put the sex of the baby in an envelope and open it, but if you want to hit an exploding baseball or golf ball I'd be okay with it. Keep it nice and calm, simple, nothing too complex. But for the love of god if you choose to hit an exploding baseball you have to be able to hit it, just have to. There were a few bad tosses in there but get the bat on ball. Go back to little league, throw your hands at the ball and good things happen. And what about him almost hitting the dog? No reaction at all, I yelped when I saw the pup come into the frame. Not only is he on the third batter of the inning he almost knocked out his dog. This guy is swinging out of his shoes too. Come on man you know you don't have to swing hard to make good contact. The Rangers should make him take the jersey off or blur it out for looking that bad in the video. Not a good look for the dad to be. Whatever you do don't show your child these at-bats. Please don't.