My List of Star Wars Best Moments Is Perfect

Happy Star Wars Day. Yes, even to the hardos out there who want to make it SO known that they've NEVER seen "a Star Wars" and have NO desire. 


And to the ones who say "my Star Wars day is the 25th" which is fine, too. I'll throw on Star Wars on May 25th. But when you 

After much debate, I narrowed it down to the five listed above. It's got a little bit of everything, and with lists like these you can't be a hipster. You have to include the iconic of the iconic, which I feel I've done. OT OG, very very new. Let's get to it. 

5. Darth Maul Ignites Saber (Phantom Menace)

We've kind of gone through this weird cycle of Phantom Menace comes out, everyone hates it, people shit on it for years, then after time passes it starts to grow on people more and more to the point where now you can go through threads on top of threads on Twitter to see people calling it a "masterpiece". 

But one piece of this movie has always been top-tier and that's this scene. The beginning of Duel of The Fates. 

4. Han Solo "I Know" (Empire Strikes Back)

Maybe the most on-brand line for any character perhaps ever. Han Solo isn't saying "I love you, too" back to Leia. You serious? Imagine how boring and unfitting that would have been if Han Solo would have put his tail between his legs and said something like that. No way. It's the perfect line. 

Walk around Disney World at Galaxy's Edge now and that has to be the most popular shirt combo there. 

3. Luke Saves Grogu (The Mandalorian: Season 2 Finale)

A lot of fans may have this even higher than where I have it at 3, but I was trying not to have recency bias. Plus, depending on how The Mandalorian: Season 3 and beyond turns out, it honestly could be…not good. Not to mention number 1 and 2 are almost impossible to beat. 

But taking this for just the moment and scene that it is, it's tough to top. I think even the most connected / hopeful Star Wars fan wouldn't have ever put any legitimate thought into Luke Skywalker being the one to return to rescue Baby Yoda. Hell, even when the X-wing showed up on the radar and flew past Gideon's ship I still thought "it caaan't be….can it??" Then not only did Luke Skywalker return, but he returned in his fucking prime. Slicing and dicing Death Troopers like it was nothin' right after we saw Mando, who is a badass in his own right, struggle to fend off just one of them. Incredible. 

2. Darth Vader Goes Off (Rogue One)
Like father, like son. The side-by-side of Luke saving Grogu and Vader merking the Rebels at the end of Rogue One is uncanny. Similarly, while I was sitting in the theater in 2016 I was thinking "OK this is a perfect send-off right into Star Wars. It'll be seamless. They'll cut to credits right as we hear the sirens going off and Vader breathing and we'll fill in the blanks ourself." Nope. It was probably the coolest scene I've watched in theaters personally. 

Getting to see Vader in his prime - we're talking '95 Jordan - absolutely dominating anyone in his path was unforgettable. 

23 million views. Definitely leads the way in "search for specifically that scene on YouTube" category. 

1. "I Am Your Father" (Empire Strikes Back)
I mean, this is Star Wars. It goes so far beyond just the sci-fi fantasy in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. It's a part of the culture. The zeitgeist. It's made its way to Tommy Boy, Toy Story 2 just off the top along with 1,000 others. It speaks for itself.