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BREAKING: Stephen A. Smith Shot Somebody

On an episode of General Hospital. Little thing we in the journalism like to call burying the lede. 

The man is an impeccable shot, though. Say what you want about his takes being a little off the mark every now and then, but Stephen A. is a certified gunslinger. Took that culprit down in just 2 shots to save the day. 

My only fear is you know Stephen A. had the time of his life filming this scene. Buddy is going to want to bring a prop gun to every set he's at from now on. Max Kellerman starts to get out of line? Bam, here comes the gun. It'll be like that episode of The Office when Michael is at improv class and breaks out a gun in every scene. 

Also just realizing now that the Improv teacher is the same actor who plays The Waiter in It's Always Sunny. I don't know why things like that are always so interesting. I can never get through a full episode of a show without bringing up IMDB to see if I was right about another role that some minor role actor played. But boy is it satisfying when you're right. 

But either way, Stephen A Smith shot a guy. On a TV show that is somehow in its 58th season. That is preposterous. General Hospital came out in 1963. INSANE. And now Stephen A. Smith shooting a guy is the only scene I've ever seen in the 14,000 or so episodes of this show. But it was a helluva scene to get started with. 

Pray for Max Kellerman.