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Terry Bradshaw Absolutely Carpet Bombs Aaron Rodgers, Saying He's 'Weak' and the Packers Should Just 'Let Him Cry'

When you've got a superstar pro athlete who's made as much money as anyone in the history of his sport making it known that he's unhappy in his career, no matter who it is, there are few things more entertaining than to get the reaction of some former legend of the game. And the longer ago that guy played, generally the more fun it is. Give me that old school, crusty, hard-skulled guy who's seen it all and ran out of fucks to give sometime around the Clinton Administration and turn him loose on the subject, and I'll be having a great day. 

In terms of Aaron Rodgers general unhappiness with the way the Packers are being run on his watch, credit where it's due to the "Moose and Maggie" show on WFAN for asking Terry Bradshaw about it. In no way did he disappoint:

“With him being that upset shows me how weak he is. Who the hell cares who you draft? I mean, he’s a three-time MVP in the league and he’s worried about this guy they drafted last year at No.1?

"Now, I don't know what was said behind the scenes. I don't know if he said like, 'I'll play this year then I want out of here' and they said, 'Fine.' And then he's the MVP of the league. I don't know. None of us know. Unless he told some insiders and they're saying it. I don't hear it. 

"And for him to be upset, my God, I don’t understand that. Pittsburgh drafted Mark Malone number one, Cliff Stoudt in the 3rd or 4th round. I had them coming at me from all angles. I embraced it, because when we went to practice, I wasn’t worried about those guys. You know? They didn’t scare me a bit. So I don’t understand why he’s so upset at Green Bay. 

“And then if they fire the General Manager he’ll come back? Are you kidding me? Really? Aaron, that’s where this is?”

“Here’s what I’d do. I wouldn’t budge. Let him gripe. Let him cry. Retire. You’re 38. Go ahead and retire. See you later. I mean, I’m really strong about stuff like that, and it makes him look weak. In my way of looking at it, it makes him look weak.”

No matter where you stand on the Rodgers-Green Bay divorce, you have to love Bradshaw going off on him like this.

Here's a guy who not only had to put up with competition every few years from Mark Malone and Cliff Stoudt, by my math the Steelers drafted six QBs over his 13 year career. Including Boston College's Mike Kruczek with the 19th overall pick. Bradshaw had to keep winning his job season after season, while in the midst of winning four Super Bowls. He was having a Hall of Fame career and still got ripped as a moron. A guy of whom, it was infamously said and often repeated, "Couldn't spell C-A-T if you spotted him the C and the A." 

Plus he was doing it in an era where most guys had to have an offseason job just to pay their bills. And under the old rules where it was basically legal to commit acts of pure mayhem against a quarterback. And not only would it not be a penalty, the hit would make it onto an NFL Films highlight reel. Not to mention, he had no choice but to play for whatever money he could get out of Chuck Noll or quit. There was no escape pod in the form of free agency or forcing a trade. 

So asking a guy with Terry Bradshaw's life experience to sympathize with Aaron Rodgers considering paying back $44.5 million in salary and bonuses just to not have to play in Green Bay any more, is like expecting your grandfather who got wounded by the Viet Cong at Hue City to understand why you're so upset that you got no likes on your last TikTok and your boyfriend is ghosting you. Sorry. He just cannot relate to your plight. 

I mean, on the one hand, you might expect a former player to take a current player's side in a beef against management. And I will concede that words like "weak" and all that talk about being upset and crying is pretty harsh. But I'd be lying if I said it's not entertaining as hell when it's not your quarterback getting dragged like that. Wherever Rodgers ends up next year, those games on Fox with Bradshaw on the pre- and post-game coverage are going to be electric.