Watching People Attempt To Do Simple Addition Made Me Lose My Faith In Humanity

So here we have the latest tweet that elicits tens of thousands of responses, many of which cause rational people to question how our society keeps from crumbling due to the sheer stupidity which surrounds us. This time, it's how people do very basic addition.

The biggest debate in these comments seems to be between those who "carry the one" and those who are adults. I honestly didn't know anyone even used that phrase seriously after about third grade, but they walk among us each day.

Look, I really don't mean to stunt. But I am, in fact, able to do 28 + 47 without using a method I was taught when I believed Santa Claus existed. If you need to get out your piece of scratch paper and do what Mrs. Johnson taught you in 2003 when you have a 401k, you should learn a new way to do math.

Almost every other way people described made some level of sense to me. Some of them are weirder than others, but at least they're not writing a little one above the tens place to remind themselves that they borrowed from their neighbor, or whatever the fuck they say when they teach that nonsense to first graders.


Any one of these methods is far better than that elementary school trash. If you are carrying ones as an adult, please find a correct way to do math.

But honestly, this is going to be the answer going forward for the rest of time: