"Hey Girl" By OAR Is The Biggest Banger I’ve Ever Heard

The headline says it all. It truly says it all. Last week I happened to tune into our king doing DDTG & nothing short of a beautiful song popped up in the background as Dave screamed "This song fucks! This song fucks!". Much like I'm sure we all do, I enjoy songs that fuck. I quickly began bobbing my head up & down like I was drunk at a Billy Joel cover band concert in 2018 so I googled the lyrics to see the name of the song. Low and behold it was Hey Girl by OAR & great friend of the dawg, Marc Roberge.

Of course I have a few OAR songs on my "tunes" & "summer bro" playlist, who doesn't love some Love & Memories or Crazy Game of Poker? Yet somehow I'd never come across Hey Girl before which is now the definition of lost time on my hands because there's few things this guy loves more than a good old-fashioned American BANGER. My playlists are just chock full of bangers. Very rare that there's even an artist with more than 10 songs on my playlists due to my love of solely bangers.

And how about Mr. Roberge knowing EXACTLY how to sell his song. You say a song's a party & everyone's gonna instantly want to listen to it. Mainly me. It also helps that he wholeheartedly agrees that there's no touching Scenes From An Italian Restaurant which is simply facts.

*handshake emoji*