If You Don't Think A Cheeseburger Is A Sandwich Then You're An Idiot Who Can't Read

This was the big debate coming out of the snake draft. Is a cheeseburger a sandwich. I can't believe there is so much controversy about this. People are angry. People are disgusted. Including my friend, Jim Graziano

In addition to being my dad, apparently, 

Jim is also firmly in the "a burger is not a sandwich" nincompoop camp. I don't make the rules. I don't make definitions. I do follow them though. There is no sandwich fluidity. You are what you are and a burger, by definition, is a sandwich. It is meat between two pieces of bread. Earl Of Sandwich, the patron saint of lunches and inventor of Sandwiches would be spinning in his grave if he saw Jim's reaction to me drafting something that google clearly says is a sandwich. 

The definitions are clear. This is NOT the tubed meat hot dog discussion. A burger is a sandwich. There is no getting around it. Once you accept that truth into your heart it should be impossible to vote for anyone else on the board. Everyone loves cheeseburgers. Not only is it a sandwich, but it's the best selling sandwich in the history of the world. It's so elite that it has perhaps transcended it's roots which has muddied the water for nincompoops(Captain Cons just walked by and said it wasn't a sandwich so he is also in the nincompoop camp). I am willing to hear arguments against a burger being a sandwich, but it's hard to get beyond the definition of stuff in between pieces of bread. That's a fucking sandwich every time. 

MY personal favorites in Chicago 1) Mott St, 2) Little Bad Wolf, 3) Loyalist, 4) Au Cheval, 5) Small Cheval, 6) Uproar

Jim is the foremost sandwich expert on the planet even though he technically doesn't subscribe to hard definitions. He is the PERFECT partner for us. Local guy, salt of the Earth, maker of delicious things. I am thrilled that we have partnered with him on the Beefkits. They were FLYING off the shelves yesterday. They might sell out today. Make sure you get your order in here

You can watch the full episode of this week's snake draft here