Chad Ochocinco Is Going To Box On The Mayweather/Paul Undercard And I'm Convinced He's Going To Win Based On His Ring Name Alone

How do you top the name Chad Ochocinco? Simple. Sweet Feet. That's a strong boxing name. I can completely get it too. We've seen Ocho dance. We've seen him run routes. He has the feet work all over the place. And now apparently we are going to add boxing to it. Apparently he's a good boxer too: 

I have no idea if he can box, but if he puts it on Twitter that he can box, I'm going to believe him. Why not? I could see Ocho doing some boxing training. It's not uncommon or anything like that. I need to know who he is boxing though. If he's not boxing against a defensive back, it's a swing and a miss. That's all that he needs to do. Get him vs Revis and let them figure it out in the ring. I know this is becoming the norm but fuck it. I'm in on watching dudes I grew up watching attempt to box.