Jabril Peppers Wants The World To Know That DeVonta Smith Is Going To Hate Not Being A New York Giant

If there was any question about whether or not we should fully embrace Jabril Peppers as a Giant, that's out the window. He's one of us. Shit, I'm pretty sure he just made sure to copy and paste a meme he found on reddit or Facebook and used it on Twitter. Why would anyone want to be an Eagle? Fuck that. Devonta Smith knew he'd rather have Daniel Jones throw to him than Jalen Hurts, again. You think I care about the Alabama connection? Nope. For sure not. This is about the NFL and Daniel Jones is there. Again, he's one of us until he's not so we go down with that ship if we have to. 

I'll tell you what - here's a blog meme. Us Giants fans are Kadarius Toney. I've watched him smoke Kentucky for what felt like a decade. I've seen Florida use him in the punt return game, gimmick plays and every other sort of thing in the world. Now I'm imagining what we can do with him and Saquon. I still think we need to get weird with it and bring in a CFL player or something to design plays. Give me both of them in the backfield. Give me everyone split out wide. Just do whatever so we can keep watching this happen: 

We already know the Giants broke Urban Meyer's heart with this pick: 

Long story short, fuck the Eagles.