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Japan Just Opened The World's First Esports Gym

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Yup, you read that headline right. I'm shocked myself tbh.

As a quick background info, esports in Asia are massive. I mean MASSIVE. They have the largest esports fan base in the world and in 2019 Asia accounted for nearly half of all esports revenue (totaling $519M at the time).The soccer stars in Asia get excited to meet the esports players. Sounds like the upside down if you ask me.

This Esports gym is set to open on May 19th. Monthly memberships start at $50/month with unlimited use to the gaming PCs and coaching lessons available for $25/hour. If you don't want a membership, you can access the gaming PCs for $13 for a 3 hour slot.

Let's be honest, the word "gym" is being slightly exaggerated here. Ultimately, this establishment is meant to help gamers reach that next competitive level. Therefore, I guess they will be "working out," but calling it a "gym" is being generous. I would accept training facility. Gives off Pokemon vibes which never hurts.

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