My Official Application To Be Named The Godfather Of Smitty's Newborn Baby

First off congrats to the General & his lovely lady on having a child. My feeble brain can't even process that in this stage of my life, so good for them! But you know what brain CAN process? Being the Godfather of said child...Here is my case:

#1 I'm a nice guy

I feel like this should be an automatic pre-requisite when picking the Godparents for your child. Who would want a Godfather that's a trashbag? Not me...that's for sure. And I think I can trust in Smitty that he feels the same exact way about that. 

#2 I'm financially stable

I don't mean to get dark here, but isn't the main part of having Godparents that if something were to happen to both of you they would then be looked after by said Godparents? I think so. I'm about to be a 25-year-old that's still living at home so I save a fair amount of money & I'm more than happy to spend said money for my potential Godchild to have a great life. 

#3 I know the true meaning of the Godfather

I won't let the movie over shine the actual duties that need to be done as Godfather. When most people think of the word Godfather they think of Marlon Brando, but nope. Not me...Not this guy. I will be thinking of my Godson and that's that.

#4 Smitty & I are great friends

Great, great, GREAT friends. Never any animosity between us at all so every time I'm invited out to a family gathering, little league game that Smitty's (obviously) coaching, Thanksgiving dinner, or more will go absolutely swimmingly.

#5 I made a baby's formula one time

Yup you read that correctly. I've already left it all on the field saving one baby in the middle of a flight & I'm more than ready to do it again my Godchild. 

That is my case. Do I think Smitty will pick me? Of course not. Am I happy to throw my name in the ring? Of course. Now we can only wait. Positive Vibes Only. And once again Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. General…if you're reading this I love you guys.