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Starbucks Baristas Have Taken To Twitter To Share The Most Absurd/Grossest Drinks Customers Have Ordered


I saw this tweet and my teeth immediately fell out of my mouth. Just the pure thought of all that sugar evaporated all of my enamel and now I have dentures. I can't even drink 2 margaritas without having the most intense tooth pain in the world. That's 32 for ya, I suppose. I don't necessarily feel old, but certain things hit me like a ton of bricks and get me ready to check into the old folks home, and freezing cold sugary concoctions are high up on the list. Never mind the fact I have to drink almond milk because my body can't handle dairy anymore. So when I saw "7 pumps add dk cml sauce" just a few lines after "extra whip" I nearly had a heart attack right then and there on the spot.

But that wasn't all. After the above drink went viral, other baristas added to the thread with drinks they have to make. And buddy, let me tell ya, they are disgusting. And legally speaking, if this person dies, are you liable if you made these drinks? 

I think this one could be a joke, but even knows anymore, there are 9 trillion people on the planet, surely someone decided one day to choose violence:


Nice touch with the Stevia.


Now here's a lady who knows exactly what she wants, and that's to never be able to fully open her mouth ever again.





Here's one that is simply just trash. It's like when you mix every color and it makes brown. 0.0% chance this tastes good, and it's probably like, $30+ to make



And maybe my actual favorite because of how subtle yet gross it is...



Just pumps of syrup in a cup. Maybe they are pouring in their own coffee or something? Maybe???? Who knows. People are savages.

And all of that, still not as annoying as this guy:



Just order a coffee and order a burrito, it's not that hard.