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Patrick Surtain Hasn't Fully Embraced Being A Top NFL Draft Pick If He Hasn't Slid Into Teanna Trump's DM's Yet

I'm not going to sit here and tell Patrick Surtain how to live his life, but if Teanna Trump is talking like that about you, you should probably see what's up. Just a safe rule I feel like. If you're not familiar with Teanna Trump's work, I suggest you look it up exactly where you think you can. 

But this is what being a top NFL pick is all about. You don't just sit there and have someone talking about how she's been 'sucking the same dick' while talking about how good you look. That doesn't  happen to me. That doesn't happen to accountants. That doesn't happen to regular ass people no matter how good you think you look. 

All I know is this is where you slide into the DM's. I'm not saying commit to the blowjob. I'm not saying commit to anything. I'm just saying that you need to slide in. What's the point of being a top pick if you can't take advantage of someone talking about you while you get ready to make millions upon millions of dollars. And I don't want ot hear any negatives, you know you'd slide into the DM's too.