My Professional Diagnosis Of Dave's Medical Emergency

Dave landed in New York City and alerted the world of his medical emergency. Will he make it? Clogged ears are SERIOUS business. We discovered that horrifying truth on this week's episode of Lowering The Bar where I cleaned out Barstool HQ's ears with an endoscope. Removing the black goop from Hank's ear has to give me some sort of low-level certification as an ear professional.

So, when I saw Dave may be in danger, I treated this tweet as a bat signal to get my cleaning tools and do whatever it takes. LUCKILY my services were not needed. 

MY SEMI-PROFESSIONAL DIAGNOSIS: Dave is a hygienic person, I doubt this was a blockage in the ear canal, but simply cabin and atmospheric pressure changing (I've never done a weather episode of lowering the bar.) Seems like a false alarm for the Pirate Ship, BUT if the ear does need to be looked at, my services are ready. Here is my highlight real …