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An Absolute King Announced An NFL Draft Pick On Stage With His Girlfriend Then Proposed To Her By Quoting Deadpool With A Ring Pop In His Hand

Thank the good Lord that my wife never crossed paths with that young man because she would be the former Mrs. Clem if she ever became Mrs. Clem at all. This guy checks all the boxes of what women look for in a man. A romantic. A diehard sports fan. And someone that knows their references from comic book movies.

That's not to say that this Cassanova isn't lucky in his own right. Far from it. To find a Football Gal that would willfully accompany you to Cleveland to announce a Day 3 draft pick is the stuff dreams are made of. But to have her accept the proposal she's waited her until life for in front of thousands of people in attendance and millions of the most diehard NFL nerds on TV by breaking out a Deadpool reference is the epitome of a ride or die chick.

So congrats and best wishes to the happy couple. May their lives be filled with as much bliss as the Wilsons (Please don't bonk me, this is just the best example I could find of them experiencing bliss before tragedy struck).

P.S. Morena Baccarin is an angel sent from above and proof that God does indeed exist.