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This Is The Coldest Take Of All Time

Step aside, Trysta, cause this take is colder than the Night King himself.

Spek is a legendary member of the Gametime community. He's a Twitch mod and a sub for close to 3 full years. He holds the line through + through, has been a great help to Gametime and a true OG. BUT THIS TAKE IS WILD!!! I love Pokémon and have been an enormous fan since I was a kid, so seeing this tweet hurt my soul.

I mean look at his updated bio!?!?

Spek….c'mon now. 

Completely objectively and unbiasedly speaking, the release of Pokémon Go was the most peaceful time in history. To say this game took the gaming world by storm is an understatement. It took over the entire world. Everybody, and I mean everybody, was either meeting up at local gyms to fight for their team, they were getting their cardio in to hatch a few eggs or they were out hunting to catch em all.

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Pokémon Go was one of those games that transcended generations, geography, language, you name it. Everybody just wanted to catch em all and dominate for their team. Strangers became very friendly as Pokémon Go players knew when they'd see another fellow player in a Pokémon hotspot.

And we can all agree - if you choose Yellow team, you were an all-time coward. I pledged my allegiance to Blue Team and dominated all my local gyms. It was a very bizarre feeling pulling up to the local library at night, seeing another car in the parking lot and knowing you two were battling for this gym spot. (Yes, my local library was a gym spot. Who would've thought that Pokémon Go would've got me outdoors AND to the library?)

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It wasn't all roses and daisies as Private Kowalski points out

People were distracted beyond belief and I'm sure some passionate individuals would try to play Pokémon Go while driving. I mean hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to catch em all.

Enough Pokémon talk, let's see what other members of the community had to say about the best gaming time in history.

Pokémon Go for World Peace