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Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before But Amir Garrett Had A Complete Meltdown Today Over A Strikeout

First off massive win for the Cubs. I know this is about Amir Garrett being a loud mouth whack job but let's not overlook the Cubs ending a bad skid. Things could have been really ugly hanging another loss here and instead they grind out a 1-run win. This is big because it sets the tone for May after the most forgettable April of my life. The fact they managed to win 11 games last month is downright fucking incredible. So let's stay positive because the Amir Garrett stuff is nauseating. 

Correct me if I'm wrong but everyone outside of Cincinnati is sick of this guy. I get its cool to get pissed and yell at the other team and all this shit but dude you're not that good. No personal disrespect. 1 good full season in 2019 over 56 innings. Very good last year in limited time. Career cumulative WHIP of 1.430 and an 88 ERA+ while throwing 100mph from the left side means one thing and one thing only = Amir Garrett is not nearly as good as he should be. 

He still throws gas. He's still a big strikeout blah blah blah. But fact of the matter is Amir Garrett will best be remembered for not being as good as his talent could allow. That's an honest no bullshit assessment of Amir Garrett. If he had his shit together, he would be a much better baseball player. Arguably good enough to be one of the best at his position and instead he's objectively kinda average. 

As for Javy you know he's just ready to explode. Game is hard enough and now everyone is just exposing the shit out of him with high fastballs and passable breaking balls. One look at his box scores and you imagine he's just about the most frustrated guy in the league. Deep down I hope this gets him fired up and back on track. He's got an .876 OPS over his last 30 AB's and it sounds like he's getting healthy. Mix in a lot of emotional controversy and turmoil and you think he's going to skyrocket out of this slump into May's warm weather. 

Other notes: 

- Benches clearing is overrrated

- Nico Hoerner looks great

- I still don't trust Zach Davies

- Bears drafted Justin Fields

- Bullpen earned a bunch of beefs. Remind me of today when the bullpen blows another game. I need to stay balanced. 

- Rubber match tomorrow is much bigger than you probably realize. 13-15 vs. 12-16 is a one-sided fight. Let's go win a series. 


PS - Never Forget