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UNDEFEATED NO MORE! Medina Spirit Is A MONSTER And Wins The Kentucky Derby

What a fucking race. Best two minutes in sports for a reason. Medina Spirit just absolutely ran a monster race. No other way to put it. Monster race. Is it shocking? Bob Baffert just always wins. The guy knows how to always kick ass in the Kentucky Derby. I wish I listened to myself, if you read the blog this morning you saw this: 

I'm a moron for not listening to myself. Always trust Bob. I gotta say though that's a BAD run for Essential Quality. It was there. He just never ran. This is why I love the Derby though man. Shit always goes off the rails - or on the rail. All I know is Essential Quality is no longer undefeated. Bob Baffert is the GOAT. Let's get to Preakness.