DJ Stewart Almost Got His Head Taken Off In That Stupid Bullpen In Oakland And Still Made The Catch Of The Day

Why is it 2021 and we still have bullpens on the field? I think DJ Stewart would agree it’s a dumb thing to have them there. Stewart was almost decapitated while making a catch in the Orioles bullpen out in Oakland today and I couldn't believe what I saw. I always get nervous when I see plays over near the pens in Oakland and you know why now. Ball was skied out to right, Stewart tracked it, played it perfectly, makes the catch and by the time he looked up he was getting smacked in the face by that little awning out there. I mean he hit that thing hard. I don't know how didn't alligator arm it, usually your body tells you "we're not doing this." And shout out to the bullpen catching for catching Stewart before he completely crumpled to the ground. 

It was scary there for a second after you saw how hard he smacked into it. They even have that little railing underneath the awning that you could trip over too. It's like an obstacle course out there. Still can't believe he made the catch and held on. He's a big boy but he hit it square on his cheek. You see him wave off the training staff, hockey player probably missed a few games, maybe a month. But not DJ Stewart, he makes the catches, smashes his face into the awning, and gets back out there. He's a real baseball player. Good to see DJ is alright. 

PS. Stewart has to stop getting his head involved in plays. We all remember this....