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Unopened Halo 3 Will Be Worth Over $1M Soon

Am I turning into the Halo guy? You can tell where my gaming roots started, huh?

Clem broke this story down beautifully via a blog post yesterday. Sealed Super Mario 64 sold for $1.56M !!! WTF - just pure insanity.

I wanted to take this story and go one step further - what game(s) will be worth a ridiculous amount of money in the future? My highest value picks are Halo 2 and/or 3. Must be sealed copies in mint condition - these games are the foundation for so many gamers in today's world.

Grand Theft Auto is also an easy pick to take here. Many people may not know this, but GTA V was the BIGGEST MEDIA RELEASE OF ALL TIME. Think about how insane that truly is? Every movie, album, show, GTA V trumps them all in terms of profit with over $1B.

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What's your pick?


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