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Aaron Rodgers And His Kentucky Derby Squad Have Arrived At Churchill Downs

The man who has the sports world spinning off its axis has arrived at the Kentucky Derby along with his fiancèe Shailene Woodley and the rest of his squad. We've got the usual suspects in David Bahktiari, A.J. Hawk, Randall Cobb, I believe Bahk's brother, all their wives that Miles Teller? What in the world is Miles Teller doing there? I guess him and Woodley go back and have been in several movies together, but I had to do a bit of a double take when I was scanning the squad. Miles accompanied by his wife Keleigh of course.

Rodgers looks like he's about to go around Churchill Downs pulling a rabbit out of his hat for the kids. Not a care in the world from that man today. Packers front office is literally engulfed in flames, meanwhile the man behind all the chaos is enjoying a nice little bougie Saturday to watch the horses run.

What I would do to be a fly on the wall for those conversations today. Reigning MVP of the league ready to walk away from the sport because he despises the GM that much. Very interested to see if Dave can get in his area today. 

P.S. What are Rodgers and Hawk doing with their hands? That will bother me for the rest of the day trying to figure it out